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A developer writes code and executes it in order to see what she conceived.

A farmer puts seeds in the ground and nurtures them until they are crops.

A carpenter, after a few days work, can see the different objects he has crafted, maybe even sleep in them.


As a tester you don’t create anything.

Unless you count Test scripts, reports or bugs, which are not very satisfying however way you look at them. You can be proud of your new way of generating, ordering and outlining your test ideas, but they don’t contribute much to anything, except to your way of thinking and/or working. You can, surely, create clear Presentations, Users manuals,… but those aren’t exclusive Testing tasks.


I’ve been trying to look at it differently, needing to feel constructive:

  • You could see yourself as a “jack of all trades”, that person that supports the team. The one that gathers as much information as possible and assists wherever he is needed most.
  • You can see yourself as a seer, a wise one that helps people create better, faster, more robust software. You bestow wisdom upon your team so that they can see the light.
  • You may have the power to judge whether you deem the quality sufficient or not.

The truth is, testers are often not perceived as contributing. We destroy, so that others have a more informed chance at building something better. We are harbingers for bad news, Tester Stormcrow.


I find that having a blog, or another medium to vent my frustrations feels good. However hard you pedal that bike or how many mountains you climb, nothing clears the air as writing about it.