I participated in a few more small projects, but these are definitely the major ones.

Flemish Governments: Welcome Offices & Houses of Dutch


The moment I joined this project, it had been running too long already. There was a severe disconnect between IT and the business and tension was running high.

This is where I finally understood what testing is all about. I was able to become a liaison between Business and IT because I understood both needs and was able to translate, while filtering the feelings out of it communication.

Together with my fellow testers we made a huge impact on the project. Those two years, we definitely made an impact on how many people perceive testing.

At the end of the project I received the following recommendation.

House of HR: Job search and recruiting

HoHRA challenging project in any case. The group was working with 20 year old legacy software and fixing bugs directly in production.
Their biggest strength was the team in place. Even though all of them were very young they know the software very thorough. The consulting firm I work for was hired to help them implement a more structured process and offer them to tools and training to rebuild the software to a more modern framework and life-cycle process.
I was hired to help lead the testing story of this transition and stayed for another year to re-evaluate and improve their processes.

The test team of four has grown with the team and they can certainly be proud of what they have achieved.

At the end of the project I received the following recommendation.

Bayer: Crop-science and DNA research 

BayerDNA of a multitude of crops was stored in Excel files. The Phoenix project (yes, another Phoenix project) had to fix what another project had failed to do: Create a solution that would centralise all that DNA data and curate it at the same time.

That was the first step. The second one was adding logic and planning to optimise those crops.
I started together with a Junior Tester who was disillusioned about testing in his previous project. I picked him up, dusted him off, coached him and now he’s doing all sorts of great stuff such as: having a blog, bootstrapping his own test project and aspiring to be a public speaker!

Bank Delen: Private Bank


I was hired as a part time Test Advisor to help structure and organise the new test team as their project was shifting towards a more Agile approach. Their strategy was rather Test Case based, which I suggested alternatives for, especially in their situation of not having enough time and definitely having too much change.

Devising a structure for the Test Cases, we learned a lot more as a team. After a month, we decided to discard most of the Test Case work and organise ourselves around checklists. The Structure for the Test Cases was the basis used to create centralised information, saving the whole team tons of work and confusion.
It was then that my assignment for this project was ended. I was happy to have helped them come to a deeper understanding and a more efficient strategy.

FOD Finance: Federal Department of Finance


As a Trainer of testers, I was hired to teach 8 reasonably experienced testers in a rather traditional and structured way of Testing. During 8 days I was able to give them a wide net of information and experiences on how they could structure and evolve their Testing towards the future.

Realdolmen: Software Consultancy & Hardware Provider

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Realdolmen is a rather big player in the Belgium market. With 2000 Employees and about a 100 new people coming in yearly, providing training for new hires and young potentials is a big task. I have been doing trainings for these ‘Academicts’ and was able to use what I learned at Teacher’s Practice in earnest. Keeping young people engaged and motivated for long hours is not easy. Making sure the class internalises their learnings for years to come is quite a challenge, but very rewarding. With games, puzzles, challenges and visual methods I hope to have made a difference for them and for Testing in the future.