I use this webspace as a personal knowledge center and toolbox. Here I store all the information I gather about my profession: Testing. This is where I develop my way of thinking, my models and my toolbox. If you have come to pick my brain, borrow a few ideas or tools, you are most welcome to browse. Please note that everything is under constant construction and I am updating everything as I find the time and energy to process gathered insights.

I have no intention to approach completeness.

Here I work.
Here I play.
Here I learn.

I invite you to take a peek, what I’m learning and what I’m working on. However, a lot of what you find here has already been processed and put on display by far more experienced, learned and respected testers around the world.
I read their books, actively follow their blogs, scan their websites and courses and gather what I learn from them here. I read, process and reproduce.  That’s how I learn and how I force my brain to memorize what I find important to remember.

Having a personal medium that can be viewed by just about anyone is a good way for me to motivate myself to keep learning and practicing Testing as a craft.

I have a deep respect for professionals who have stood in the line of battle against ignorance, misconception and have learned their craft through hard work and a passion to become great. I wish to someday join their ranks.

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